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Our pathological wing has extensive expertise in research and diagnostics of diseases by diagnosing diseases in patients mostly through the analysis of their tissue, cell, and body fluid samples by analyzing known clinical abnormalities that are markers or precursors for both infectious and non-infectious disease and is conducted by our experts in either, anatomical pathology or clinical pathology.

We provide 24 hour pathology Service near Kolkata Airport where we use all the modern technology available to ensure that our patients are diagnosed correctly and to minimize their suffering. We also see to it that tissues, hazardous and bio-chemical wastes are dumped properly to avoid spreading of diseases. In our pathological units we perform Cytopathology (on a cellular level), Dermapathology (skin), Histopathology and Neuropathology (Brain Cells), pulmonary pathology, renal pathology, Hematopathology besides clinical and surgical pathology for biopsies and surgical resections.

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